Monitoring your home through a 3g security camera

In the market, there are many home security devices with complex installation procedures, and it seems that it only suitable for professionals. But a new breed of 3g camera home-security systems promises to be simple enough to install without any professional help, cutting the cost of traditional alarm systems by taking advantage of technologies like wireless connectivity and battery-operated sensors. Our production JH09 is one it. It is a simple security tools you can add to almost any home without much fuss. It only takes you a moment to set up the device. No complex router configuration and technical skills are needed. The stand/wall mount holds the camera securely in place. Most security cameras use Bluetooth for local control and easier setup through your smartphone, while others incorporate separate home automation networking standards to interact with other devices.JH09match with latest 3G and Wi-Fi technology, you can access live video stream or recorded footage from anywhere any time, using our free mobile IOS & Android apps. Any movements can be detected. As soon as something abnormal happens, the device will send alert message to you in no time. Many new cameras include support for voice commands through Amazon Alexa and/or Google Assistant. Our product support interactive talking when hearing the baby wakes up or tell your dogs to get off the couch.

If you want to keep an eye on what’s happening at home when you’re not there, but you don’t need to invest in a full-fledged home security system, a 3g security camera is worth a look. Installing a security system has long been considered an electronic shield around your home and it lets you know the status of your pet and lets you inform the police when thieves break into the house. Whether you’re checking in on your kids, pets, or an exotic jewel collection, a home security camera is a great tool for keeping an eye on things from afar.

Wireless Security Cameras

You can check at any time through your smartphone to monitor your house and you can relax in the knowledge that should anyone break in you’ll instantly be alerted with frame grabs of the intruders sent to your mobile. In peace of mind you could check what is happening in the house through 720P live video stream. You can see and hear your zone with HD 720P frame grabs loaded with fantastic color representation, great night vision and fantastic audio clarity.The field of view should be considered as well. All security cameras have wide-angle lenses, but not all angles are created equal. Depending on the lens’ field of view, it can see between 100 and 180 degrees. That’s a big range in terms of the camera’s vision cone. If you want to watch a large area, you should consider a camera with a very wide field of view. Our camera is you best choose since it’s vision is 360 degree. More information at .

Bike GPS Lock is the f bike lock that unlocks without a key


Beijing was once a city of personal bicycles and domestic brands such as the heavy but reliable Flying Pigeon were all over the capital before cars and scooters began to proliferate as China quickly developed.

We show you every Monday extraordinary technology or cool gadgets that we find interesting – little gadgets that make everyday life easier or just fun. This Monday: Smart Bike Sharing GPS Lock , the keyless bike lock that connects to your smartphone.

Beijing was once a city of personal bicycles and domestic brands such as the heavy but reliable Flying Pigeon were all over the capital before cars and scooters began to proliferate as China quickly developed.Today, bicycle shops are selling fewer and fewer bikes as cycle sharing becomes the norm.”These share bikes have taken away our business”, says Chen Wei Dong, 43, a bicycle salesman in the Chinese capital.

The hire cycles he refers to largely belong to two companies and the Chinese capital now swarms with the yellow bicycles of Ofo, and the metal and orange ones of Mobike. These two firms, the dominant players both founded in Beijing, are now becoming global leaders in a newfangled business that marries technology, transportation and cutting-edge big data applications.

Public bicycle-hire schemes have appeared in cities before (think London’s “Boris Bikes”,Personal GPS Homing Device, a service initiated by then London mayor Boris Johnson in 2010), but the bicycles that Mobike and Ofo operate work differently in one crucial way: they don’t need to be docked and locked in specific places.

In Beijing, GPS Cell Phone Tracking Device and many cities around China and the world, Ofo and Mobike bicycles can be found wherever its most recent user leaves them. Users download a proprietary app on to their phones, register an account and deposit payment (from 199 yuan, about Dh115, to 299 yuan, depending on the company). Once registered, users simply walk up to any branded bicycle, scan the QR code displayed on the bike, or input a pin, and the bicycle automatically unlocks, leaving the user to ride it away.

Smart Bike Sharing GPS Lock is the f bike lock that unlocks without a key. You do not even have to pull your device out of your pocket, just press a button on the lock to open or close it. You can also locate your bike via GPS, and because several key users can be entered in the associated app, the intelligent lock also enables bike sharing programs. Smart Bike-Sharing GPS Lock is doubly secure: reinforced and heat-treated steel do not give bolt cutters any chance; hackers are not allowed to use digital encryption, which is also used in online banking.

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China GPS System solution and In-depth review of your fleet management

The beginning of the New Year is not only a good time to start a new project but also a time to review, reflect and evaluate existing practices and procedures. Now is the best time to do that, here are some aspects that you might going to give a closer look.

Need adjustment for your Vehicle specification? How long haven`t reviewed your “standard” vehicle specification? New resolution of tools and technologies come out every day, though you may not always need the latest one, weather it is a big surprise if look at your options to see adjusting a vehicle specification can get you drive further per gallon than ever before, help you attract drivers or allow you to operate in a safer manner. GPS Personal Tracker Solution may be a good way to assist the better operation.


The issue of safety should be notice. It’s seems like you need to do a lot of job with safety training while go over on-boarding process, but are you realize that how important that reinforcing safety throughout the year? The operation safe driver report told me that there is room for improvement. Law enforcement personnel issued close to 39,000 citations to drivers of commercial vehicles during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s October Operation Safe Driver Week. Eighty-four percent of the citations were for moving violations and speeding accounted for 7.4% of the violations. Clearly there is room for improvement in building a safety culture at all fleets. GPS technology will rank employees based on driving behavior through alert you in instances of driver speeding and excessive driving activity, thus ensure safty.
Lower cost of fuel and better MPGs: In order to get the most miles out of a gallon of fuel, what are you trying to do all you can? Fuel efficiency improvement is more than making sure the vehicle has the right combination of technologies on it. It also means engaging drivers in the process of squeezing every tenth of a mile out of a gallon of fuel. Also, China GPS System tracker can analyze factors during traveling like mileage, stationary time, routes taken, that exactly can help to draw up cost strategies for the future and save on fuel and time as well.

Mentioning how to improved operational efficiency, One key to improve your overall operational efficiency is that right trucks with the right trailers running the right routes. Right size of your fleet and look at ways to optimize routing and eliminate empty back hauls. The on-going problem for the trucking industry is to find and retain people, all result in that we need the right people in the right jobs and to be successful. Review your hiring, on-boarding and retention efforts. Are you doing all you can to attract and keep the best and the greatest? If not, start the New Year by alerting your hiring practices so that you can find and keep the people you need to be successful.

For we have much to do in running our businesses at the most of the time, that we are too busy to look at the big picture and improve efficiency, that is why we ignore a lot aspects where we could make effort on it. The New Year is the perfect opportunity to take a top down look at your organization and make the necessary changes to ensure success in 2018.

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Why outdoor enthusiasts should go with Personal GPS Homing Device

Personal GPS Homing Device combined with topographic map software, enhance any outdoor outing by assisting you with: Planning routes, Locating routes, Navigating and gathering route data, Analyzing route data after the trip. Whether you are a climber, road biker, hiker, fly fisherman, trekker, or even a hot-air ballooner, GPS can make your next outing more interesting, less risky and perhaps even more enjoyable. This technology is at once fascinating, easily accessible, inexpensive, reliable, and useful. There are weaknesses, though, as with any technology, and those are covered as well. This article is to explain quickly and easily the wondrous possibilities and practical uses of a handheld GPS receiver. A GPS unit, couple with inexpensive topographic-map software, allows you to preview your excursion, gets you to the jumping-off point, guides you along the way, and provide you with a visual record of your adventure much as a camera does.

Can you head into the woods with a GPS Cell Phone Tracking Device and expect to never get lost? No. The primary danger of GPS units is that it can and does fail. What if your batteries die? What if cloud cover and unfavorable satellite positions result in prolonged period of signal loss? What if you drop the unit into a river? Well, you`d better have a backup plan. As fascinating and useful as GPS is, you must still be prepares and able to navigate without it. The primary backup is the map and compass. Using GPS will greatly enhance your understanding of the map-and-compass technique, but it is wise to hone basic navigational skills before or in conjunction with use of a GPS unit.

When out in field, you will develop course ahead of time, upload it to your GPS, and follow that. You may want to upload only key points of our journey such as crucial trail intersections, waterfalls, high points, or shelter locations. You may want to carry the GPS along without upload data and navigate without the aid of pre-plotted track points or waypoints. Or you may just want to have the GPS to turn on once or twice a day to check your position against a map. How much you reply on GPS Cell Phone Tracking Device data is up to you. Just always be prepared and able to manage without it. For carrying the GPS unit, most outdoor activities, such as hiking, allow you to grip and hold the GPS unite is constantly. On foot, the simple and most effective way to carry the unit is to hold it face up in the palm of your hand, at waist or chest level. Dropping the unit below your waist and pointing it at the ground almost always results in signal loss.

5Other activities, such as padding and biking, require a different strategy. Flat-water boaters (canoeists, for example) can attach the GPS unit to the top of whatever cargo is lashed inside. Make sure you have it attached to the boat by a lanyard, just in case of an accidental dunking. White-water or sea kayakers have an extra challenge: it is unwise to lash any small electronic device to a boat hat is bouncing off rocks or charging through 15-foot waves. In fact, it is generally best to keep the unit inside a waterproof case and bring it o out only to drop waypoints (while scouting a rapid, for example) or check your position, as opposed to collecting complete track data.

When you are riding a bike, the various real-time bits of information displayed onscreen are fun to watch. The dangerous, though is the GPS unit can prove distracting. So be mindful and try not to glance at the GPS unit can prove distracting. So be mindful and try not to glance at the screen as you hurtle at top speed down a rain gully. You will able to safely check your top speed after you have stopped.

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Vehicles are protected with the GPS Tracking Device Manufacturer China

Vehicles are protected with the GPS Tracking Device Manufacturer China that give you the exact location of your vehicle at any point of time. You can install these trackers in your cars and vans so that you can track them precisely with their exact location at all times.

Concox GPS tracker looks at how these tracking devices work and how they help you in protecting your vehicles from robbery or damage.

3.22 Vehicle-Tracking-System

An Active GPS Tracking System:An active GPS tracking system is also popularly known as a real-time system. It’s because it sends the information automatically to a central tracking system in real-time as the data is collected. An active GPS tracking system is very useful your personal or company vehicles so that you can track the exact location of your family members or employees when they are traveling without you.

A real-time tracking system is very useful when security is your top priority and you need it to be precise and accurate. In the case, when the vehicle is stolen, the real-time GPS tracking system will help police to track it much easier. Hopefully making for a quick recovery and apprehension of the thief.

At the primary level, Chinese GPS Tracker provide information such as the time, speed, location, and direction of travel regarding your vehicle. However, there are several advanced GPS tracking systems that provide much more information than the primary levels. The advanced levels include driving behavior in terms of speed, engine idling, and sudden braking. All these details can be obtained from a high-quality GPS system.

By definition, a vehicle tracking system monitors the location of a moving vehicle using GPS technology, However, depending on the type of vehicle tracking solution that you are subscribed to, various additional features and services are usually offered in addition to recovering your stolen vehicle.You can also view the exact location of your vehicle on a detailed map that also includes pinpoint locations, traffic information and a street view of your vehicle’s surroundings – using your PC or smartphone. But for all these additional features, your monthly tracking subscription fee is naturally higher in comparison to a stolen vehicle recovery device fee. However, if personal safety while travelling is a must, then this is the right solution for you.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry and it’s always best to go that one step further when it comes to the safety of you and your family.

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GPS Manufacturer China helps to track stolen vehicles


Cars thieves are using devices that can shutoff vehicle’s signal and make it go off the grid. The jamming device that they had purchased online was also effective while they were fleeing with the stolen vehicles as the jammer neutralized the signal of any Portable GPS Tracking Device concealed inside the vehicle.Because of the wave of distribution, the portable jamming device work not obviously, firstly emits high frequency radio waves that obstruct GPS signals, then it also disable the GPS link, making any Mini GPS Tracker useless, the device is changed with a lithium-ion battery runs for hours after being charged, and it is as big as mobile phone and can be hidden easily.Since the thieves carried the portable jammer with them at all times, it also made it difficult for cops to put them under electronic surveillance. Sleuths of the Anti-Auto Theft Squad fear that these portable, battery-run devices may also be employed in kidnapping and other crimes involving GPS-enabled cabs.

GPS Manufacturer China helps to track stolen vehicles

Installing a Mini GPS Tracker in the car is helpful because we are directed towards where to search for it if it gets stolen. Even if the thief tries to damage the location device, the last position of the car gets frozen in the data. Tracker have stated that their technology has helped recover over stolen motorcycles in 2016 as a result of their technology – a figure that’s increased by nearly 10% over the previous year.JV200 Vehicle GPS Tracker is a practical and easy-to-use GPS tracker specially developed for vehicle, motor and bus tracking. Be able to provide detailed reports, accurate position updates and effective results by GPS +AGPS+LBS Tracking. ACC detection of ignition status let you know when the ignition is started and stopped. Wherever you go, its instant alert notifications allow you to react accordingly and immediately.

However, GPS Tracking China Solution and Small GPS Tracking Device help to track stolen vehicles and can be used to locate motorcycles or scooters, even if they have been hidden in containers, lock-ups or underground car parks, thanks to the built-in high sensitivity GPS chipset and antenna enables it to fast and precise locating even in the concrete jungle.

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Cargo GPS Tracker China Manufacturer Technology

IoT is helping push cargo tracking forward as sensors communicate with one another as well as send information back to PCs and mobile devices. Cargo tracking technology will shift to 4G networking in the future, which will also encourage growth in the market.
Successfully tracking assets as they make their way from the factory to the retail store can be challenging. It’s not only important to make sure that products are always in stock and arrive in a timely manner; there’s also the issue of keeping shipping companies accountable as those products travel over long distances, whether by land, sea, or air. Add to this the fact that some items are perishable and require special shipping conditions, and the fact that some cargo is highly sought after by criminals, and thorough tracking clearly becomes a more critical and complex task.

In the past, you had to take the shipping company’s word for it that your shipments were in good hands, and rely on paper documents and phone calls to make sure items were moving in a timely fashion. Eventually wireless and location-based technologies “made it possible for a company to monitor the goods inside the shipment while being transported anytime, anywhere,” says Raquel Artes, industry analyst at ABI Research. Today, asset tracking technologies are advanced enough to generate immediate notifications when shipments are lost or stolen, or if there have been potential counterfeit-related attacks during transit.

The technology behind this level of tracking revolves around “compact, portable, and rechargeable Vehicle Tracking China systems, which fit cellular and satellite components into one device,” Artes says. This means you can use both satellite and cellular tracking at the same time to make sure that regardless of where your items are located, you can get reliable information. These devices are specifically designed to stay powered up over long periods of time and be versatile enough to fit in a wide range of cargo containers and trailers. Plus, as we’ve mentioned, you can get the added security benefit of having sensors go wherever your goods do, even when they fall into the wrong hands.

“Since these devices are small, [they] can be covertly hidden inside the product, packaging, box, or pallet and monitored via the internet using SaaS [software as a service] . . . and provide alert notification real-time for any breaches that occur,” says Artes. “Cargo thieves may have difficulty in detecting these devices. In addition, it allows companies to track their goods even in a situation in which goods have been transferred/reloaded to a different container or vehicle owned by cargo thieves while in transit. This gives companies the opportunity to act promptly and help facilitate the speedy recovery of their products.”

Today’s asset GPS Tracker China Manufacturer GPS and sensors into one package to relay more information back to the carrier, manufacturer, and/or retailer.

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GPS Tracker Manufacturers China-based passenger information systems

NRL collects the GPS data along with the laser tracking data for inter comparison studies. Tracking data from the GPS Control Segment stations, USNO, the broadcast position data and DMA precise ephemerides are collected. These are continuous data over the in~rbit operation of the satellites. To utilize the GPS derived tracking data for inter comparison with the laser derived data, the local clocks at the GPS Monitor Station sites must be accounted for since they are the basis for the GPS tracking measurements. In GPS itself these clocks are accounted for by the use of GPS Time which is a common synchronization time computed at the MCS. However, the GPS ranging measurements are directly related to the local clocks whose performance must be removed if the satellite clock is to be isolated from the satellite orbital position and evaluated. The laser data is independent of this influence on ranging measurements since the local clock is used for time tagging.

When you record a single position with a good best GPS Tracker Manufacturers China , the position recorded will probably be within 5 to 15 meters horizontally of the true location of the antenna. When a surveyor uses good, survey-grade GPS equipment he or she can locate a point to within a centimeter of its true horizontal position. What are the factors that allow the surveyor to be 1,000 or so times more accurate than you are? This is a complicated subject. The answer includes “very good equipment,” “measuring the actual number of waves in the carrier” (as differentiated from interpreting the codes impressed on the carrier), and “spending a lot of time” at each site.1 We can cover only the basics in a book of this scope. But you will learn how to reduce errors so that you can record a fix to within half a meter to three meters of its true location.

For the logging of a given point, define “error” as the distance between what your GPS receiver records as the position of the antenna and the trueposition of the antenna. It is useful to dissect the idea of “error.” We can speak of error in a horizontal plane and differentiate it from the vertical error. This is important in 3G navigator , because the geometry of the satellites almost always dictates that no matter what we do, vertical error will almost always exceed horizontal error on or near the surface of the earth. The fact that all the satellites are necessarily above the fix being taken generally means that vertical error will be 1.5 to 2.5 as great as horizontal error. Another useful distinction is between what we might call random error and systematic error, or bias. Random errors are deviations from a “true” value that follow no predictable pattern. Systematic errors do follow a predictable pattern. An example will be illustrative. Suppose we have a machine designed to hurl tennis balls so that they land a certain distance away on a small target painted on the ground. Of course, none of the balls will hit the center of the target exactly; there will always be some error.

Another important application of the satellite-based passenger systems is timetable planning: storing the time differences between the timetable and the real data, it is possible to create a database for timetable planning, making the work of the planning engineers easier and more accurate. Also the railway freight transportation can be supported by a GPS Vehicle Tracking Device Manufacturers , according to two different ways of identifying carriages. We refer to one group train, when all carriages must arrive at the same destination, hence representing a single element from a transportation point of view. In this case, tracking the position of the engine is sufficient to know the position of one of the carriages with an accuracy equal to the length of the whole train, whereas the exact positioning data of each carriage is not important for the carriers. There is a weakness in this system. To connect the carriages logically to the GPS-based engine, it is necessary to know their identification numbers; before the departure, the numbers have to be collected and transmitted by radio to the system.

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Use GPS Manufacturers In China and navigation devices to enhance security

In the early 1920s, we didn’t have navigation systems or geostationary satellites. But motorists those days had a navigational watch: Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator. A navigational device that fit on your wrist that you can use for navigating and driving directions. A driver could scroll using the knobs along the map to find out their route.

Today, we have smartphones with GPS navigation, GPS watches, and tracking devices to assist us in navigating through city traffic. But have you ever wondered how?

Some controversy came to exist regarding who invented the idea of using geostationary satellites orbiting the Earth to determine the position of a receiver on Earth. The National Inventors Hall of Fame inducted Brad Parkinson for the invention of the GPS Systems. Ivan Getting from the Department of Defense is recognised as the inventor of the GPS. Roger Easton was recognised with the National Medal of Technology from the president of the US in 2004 for visionary work and pioneering actions with the development of NAVSTAR- GPS. Because of these scientists, GPS has entered the consumer industry and is incorporated into smartphones and vehicles these days.

Through the original purpose of providing the military with a highly effective instrument to trace their enemies or as a search and rescue tool, GPS has gone public exactly where it became popular for business or individual use. Tracking devices are now lightweight as much as 100gr and transportable. There are smartphones with a GPS Tracker Manufacturers China application that parents can use to track the location of their kids and they can even find and locate a good restaurant using GPS. Securing personal properties like car, bags, and other tools can be done remotely using a PC or smartphone. Businesses are investing into tracking devices which can be used for navigational purposes or route selecting for drivers. There are scientific uses such as map- making, earthquake exploration, environment scientific studies and tracking wildlife to understand the behaviour of animals.

Today, operational GPS geostationary satellites. These satellites beam location information back to earth on a continuous schedule and GPS Tracking devices pick up this location information. The tracking devices compute its location using data received from several satellites around the world. Once this information is received, it’s transmitted using a cellular network to GPS Tracking servers, where it’s displayed to the end user on a map.

Many businesses and individuals use tracking and navigation devices to enhance security. When a GPS Manufacturers In China is fitted into your vehicle, it will store and send out the positioning data of the car 24/7. Not only the positioning of the car, but it also gives data like fuel usage, engine condition, speeding records and telematics data. Getting and setting up a tracking system is the smartest thing to do if you own a vehicle and want to improve your security as well as navigation skills.

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Street GPS Vehicle Tracking System China to find a trailhead

Uploading to the GPS:Once you have the trip plotted to your satisfaction, it’s time to upload it to your GPS Tracking Device. First, connect the receiver to your computer with a USB cable and turn it on. Next, use the GPS setup feature to tell your mapping program which GPS brand and model you have, as well as the connection type. Finally, use the upload or export to GPS function to send the data to the GPS.

Something to think about is whether you want to clear all the previous GPS data from the unit before uploading a new trip. Since it can be slow and confusing to search through a lot of waypoints and routes, and track memory is limited, for e-hiking it’s better to clear the GPS receiver’s memory before uploading a new trip. It’s a good idea to download all the data from your GPS to your computer immediately after a trip, so you can safely erase the GPS for the next trip.

When uploading your routes and waypoints to the GPS, it is critical that you pick the correct datum to avoid serious position errors. Digital maps normally use WGS84.
Road Navigation

CONCOX GPS trackera

Road navigation using a street GPS Vehicle Tracking System China consists of finding a point of interest (POI) and telling the unit you want to go there. A POI is a waypoint that is either already in the database, or added later by the user. Current street GPSs have millions of POIs, including restaurants, gas stations, airports, lodging, shopping, banks and ATMs, parking, entertainment, recreation, attractions, medical services, government offices, auto services, and many others. If a POI is not in the database, you can find a location by street address or intersection, browse the map to find a location, or enter coordinates directly.

The easiest way to find a POI when you don’t know the name but do know the type of place you’re looking for, such as a motel or a restaurant, is to search by type. The GPS assumes you want to search near your present location—if this is not the case, you can search along your route, at your destination, or in a different city. Just select the Points of Interest icon, then the type of POI and category. The GPS presents a list sorted by distance from your selected location and also indicates the direction. Once you choose a POI, you’ll have options to view the POI on a map, or save it to your favorites. This screen shows some of the POI types you can search. For more choices, touch the down arrow. you can search by name, and you can specify where you want to search—near your destination along the route, where you are now, or near another place. Of course, POIs change, so you’ll want to frequently download and install a new POI database from the GPS manufacturer, especially before a major road trip. You can also search by name, which is easy when you know the specific name of a POI, such as Joe’s Fast Food. Again, the GPS assumes you want to search near your present location—if this is not the case, you can search elsewhere. Enter as much of the name as you know. The unit presents a list sorted by distance from your selected location, and also shows the direction. You have the same options to view the POI on a map, or save it to your favorites.

This screen shows some of the POI types you can search. For more choices, touch the down arrow. you can search by name, and you can specify where you want to search—near your destination

along the route, where you are now, or near another place. Of course, POIs change, so you’ll want to frequently download and install a new POI database from the China GPS Tracker manufacturer, especially before a major road trip. Saving a POI in the Tracking Devices For People unit’s memory saves a lot of time the next time you want to go to the same place. A saved POI can be a POI in the unit’s database, or a custom POI you’ve entered and named yourself. Searching Favorites and Recently Found These two lists are far shorter than the main POI database and are searched much faster. You also have the options to view the POI on a map, or edit it to change the name or symbol.

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